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ARISE Compact Set

$599.00 $449.25

9 Classes / 104 Presentations / More than 96 Hours of content

Bible Boot Camp

$300.00 $225

In many ways Bible Boot Camp, covering more than 20 biblical and doctrinal subjects, is the nucleus of the ARISE four-month Cornerstone Program.

Church History

$80.00 $60

This series is an introduction to church history.

Getting Ready to Share

$30.00 $22.5

This presentation, delivered by Matt Parra, underscores the importance of personal conversion and preparation for effective, Spirit-filled ministry.

How to Preach with Power

$30.00 $22.5

Preaching is by nature simple: communicating what is true through you.

How to Study Your Bible

$50.00 $37.5

Many read the Bible but do not understand it. The title says it all. Learn how to study your Bible.


$80.00 $60

Considering Christianity’s Credibility.

Redemption in Romans

$80.00 $60

Join Pastor Nathan Renner, ARISE co-founder, as he walks the ARISE students through a verse-by-verse exposition of the book of Romans.

Spirit of Prophecy

$80.00 $60

A practical and in-depth examination of the role of prophets, generally, and the ministry of Ellen White specifically.

The Great Commission

$30.00 $22.5