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Ancient World

$50.00 $37.5

Join Professor Miller as he brings to life the “great cloud of witnesses”. Christian reformers and Bible students from the past help shed light on some of the thorniest and most challenging biblical questions facing Christians today. This 6 part DVD series Includes a CD-ROM with the PowerPoints/- Study Guides that make the series appropriate for small group studies.

Atonement and the Cross of Christ

$10.00 $7.5

Christ and His Law

$22.00 $16.5

Commentary for the 2nd Quarter 2014 with James Rafferty

Confronting the Ordination Debate

$30.00 $22.5

The debate over ordination seems to get only more heated, complex and contentious. Miller brings Biblical and historical insights to assist in understanding the principles that will help properly understand the debate and defuse its intensity. He proposes a way forward that both safeguards biblical truth, allows for religious freedom within the church and promotes the unity of the body of Christ.

Discipleship (2008)

$16.00 $12

Audio Commentary from 2008

Discipleship CD

$16.00 $12

Commentary for the 1st Quarter 2014. Free shipping


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4 Audio CD’s

Evangelism and Witnessing

$10.00 $7.5

4 Audio CD’s