Discovery Quest: Hawaii, Encounters with God in Nature MP3

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Devotional studies for juniors and kids

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Pan De Vida Productions and One Mustard Seed are glad to introduce a new devotional series for juniors and kids: Discovery Quest

Presenter, Rich Aguilera, gives these studies format from different parts of the world. This quarter’s lesson study begins in Hawaii.

This series of devotionals contain 26 studies, 2 for each of the 13 lessons and a Discover Quest Journal of activities.

Track list:

  1. Prince Rescued
  2. The King’s Treasure Chest
  3. Purifying the Temple
  4. Passover Party
  5. Family Dynamics
  6. Touching the Untouchable
  7. Service With a Smile
  8. Not Easy to Love
  9. Seek and Find
  10. Reminded by a Rock
  11. Blessed by the Presence
  12. Sing It, Say It, Share It
  13. Dear Diary

1. Prince Rescued pt. 1

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